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Take A Break provides support for adults with a learning disability up to age 65.

We offer individual support as well as running a busy programme of daytime, evening and weekend groups and activities and our TABLO Adult Day Service.

We aim to provide a wide range of activities based on life skills to our customers, all within a safe, friendly and relaxed environment. 

Our customers are empowered to focus on their own goals and ambitions and are supported by a staff team who are skilled and experienced in helping them to achieve this.

For the current hourly charge, please contact us for further information.

To find out about what spaces we have available, please visit the Customer Group Vacancies page. 


Groups and activities

"Take a Break Life Opportunities" 

TABLO is an exciting programme of activities for our Adult customers, running on weekdays in Nuneaton. 

→ Find out more about TABLO and download a brochure. 

Social Groups and Transition 

Our Social Groups run every weekday evening, and on weekends during the day in Nuneaton.

→ Find out more about our Social Groups and Transition and download a brochure. 


We run fun and relaxed social groups for adults in Rugby.

→ Find out more about our groups in Rugby and download a brochure.