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Please see our Alternative Service Schedule here.


We offer a wide variety of activities and support for children and young people with a disability or life-threatening illness from birth to 18 years of age. 

As a young person approaches adulthood they are introduced to our Transition groups. Take a Break provides services for adults who have a learning disability, which means for some people we can continue to provide them with support throughout their adult lives.

To find out more about what services we offer, see the links below:

Individual Support

Individual support sessions provide an opportunity to explore individual interest and develop independance outside of the group activities.  These short activty-based sessions are planned in consultation with our customers and their families.

Individual sessions can be home based or within the local community.  To access a session outside of the customers home, staff will support customers with the use of public trnasport or meet the customer at the activity venue.  Additional transport request will be considered on an individual basis and will be subject to additional charges.  Customer and staff activty costs, including the cost of transport are payable by the customer.

For the current hourly charge, please contact us for further information.  

Group Activities

We provide a wide variety of group activities during term and holiday times. Our Saturday Clubs, Playschemes and Activity Days provide safe places for children and young people to socialise away from school, build their confidence and independence and, most importantly, to have fun! 

For the current hourly charge, please contact us for further information.

We run Groups in the following areas. Follow the links to find out more:

To find out about what spaces we have available, please visit the Customer Group Vacancies page.
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