Who is this service for?

Within our activities, we cater for adults with a wide range of disabilities. We may be able to cater for dietary requirements, administer medication and carry out personal care once full assessments have been completed.

How do I access this service?

We work in partnership with you, your family members and professionals so that we can work together towards meeting your planned outcomes.

The service can be accessed using local authority allocated hours, using direct payments, a personal budget or by purchasing hours directly.

Contact our Care Coordinators to discuss your service and complete a formal Support Plan.

All costs will be discussed and detailed in your Service Contract.

All group-based and individual sessions must be booked in advance.

Does TAB provide transport? 

Transport for group activities will not be offered to new referrals as transport is not part our main service delivery.  We will continue to provide a limited transport service for our existing customers.  All transport will be charged for separately, and detailed in the customer service contract.