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Take a Break Gardening Group


From Seed to Table

Welcome to the Adult Services Gardening Group! The aim of our group is to learn how to grow things we can then eat, from planting to harvesting. The group has only been running for a short time but already we are harvesting vegetables and having a great time. 

'We feel really valued as part of the community!'

We managed to find an allotment to base ourselves at in Nuneaton which has been the start of what promises to be an amazing journey. Every member of the group had their own idea of what they wanted to grow, so we made a trip to the local garden centre to buy plants ranging from lettuce and tomatoes to kidney beans… but we need not have bought a thing. The latest donation from the local allotment community is a shed which was no longer being used. The allotment community have donated so many plants and tools to us. We feel really valued as part of the community!

Take a Break Gardening Group

Take a Break Gardening Group

Our patch looks great so far. The lettuce are ready to harvest, as are the radishes and spring onions. The potatoes and kidney beans will soon be ready too. It is great to see the look of satisfaction on everyone’s face when they take home something they can eat. 

There are so many benefits to this group: the fresh air and physical exercise, exercising choice and money skills when buying plants and seeds, using planning sills when deciding what to grow, and social skills when being part of the allotment community. 

Take a Break Gardening Group

Report by: Karen Matthews, Group Leader 

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