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What is TABLO?

TABLO stands for 'Take A Break Life Opportunities'.

TABLO is an exciting programme of activities for our adult customers.

To find out about what spaces we have available, please visit the Customer Group Vacancies page. 

TABLO Groups


The Baking group encourages customers to plan their baking programme looking at traditional baking skills. It also supports customers to develop kitchen safety, food hygiene, number skills with weighing ingredients, and looking at sell-by and use-by dates...needless to say, the cakes always taste fabulous!


This is the TAB bowling league. There are certificates for individual challenges and player improvement. It offers a chance to develop hand to eye co-ordination and numerical skills.


Choir encourages customers to choose, plan and sing both individually and together. Our choir plans their own showcases which they perform twice a year. A great group for developing confidence and performance skills.

Creative Crafts

Creative craft offers opportunities to try new crafts and develop new skills. It focuses on fine motor skills and safety when using crafting materials.


Dance group focuses on choreographing and learning dance routines which is great for improving memory. Work on personal fitness whilst learning more about the art of dance.


Keep fit using dance types such as Clubbercise and Zumba. Customers choreograph and learn their own routines while keeping fit at the same time.

Healthy Eating

The Healthy Eating group focuses on preparing, planning, cooking and eating healthy and reasonably priced meals taking into account any special dietary needs. The group focuses on food hygiene and preparation skills, portion control and budgeting skills in addition to basic cooking skills.


From seed to table our allotment offers the chance to plan, grow and then cook different fruits and vegetables. This supports learning about the environment and where our food comes from.

Indoor Sports

Customers are encouraged and supported to try different types of sports, and learn individual and team skills, at the same time as working on personal fitness.

Living Well

Living Well encourages and empowers customers to express their opinions on things that are important to them while offering important life skills such as money skills, travel training, and internet safety.


Music group offers a chance to learn about different types of music, whilst developing skills playing instruments and singing.

Shop to Cook

Customers choose a simple meal to cook. They plan the meal, shop for ingredients then cook and eat the meal together. We focus on budgeting, food preparation, menu planning, money skills, and kitchen safety.

Snooker Group

Within our Snooker group, we encourage individual skills, money skills, and individual challenges in a relaxed environment.


Within our swimming group, we encourage customers to develop their swimming skills, develop personal challenges to work towards and build up their confidence in the water. We also support customers to focus on their safety in the water.

Walking Group

Walking group offers the chance to explore different local walks, focusing on road safety, personal safety, fitness, route planning, and the environment. It provides a good opportunity to work on personal fitness with friends.

Wellbeing & Yoga

An opportunity to relax and meditate with a qualified yoga instructor followed by a gentle hand and foot massage. This group encourages individuals to think about keeping the body and mind healthy. We aim to promote confidence, self-esteem, and independence.

Download Service Schedule below.

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