Welcome Kaylee

We would like to offer a huge welcome to Kaylee McHale who is joining our office-based team for a month.

Kaylee McHale

Read on to find out more about Kaylee, and what she'll be doing at TAB, in her own words!

"My name is Kaylee McHale and some of you may recognise me as a sessional worker within TABs children services in Rugby. As well as working for TAB, I am also completing a Masters in Geography at The University of Sheffield where I also work within local schools with children ages 11-16 looking at their career goals and how we can achieve them! 

For the next four weeks, I will be undertaking a slightly different role than usual within TAB, working with fellow staff to assess how we as an organisation communicate with our customers and their family, friends and other carers. During this time I have the pleasure of not only working within the office but also coming on various site visits where I want to get to know some of you. All of us at TAB value the opinions and requests of our service users and their family and friends, and we are aiming to improve the ways in which we collect and act upon information received from you. 

I am really excited to be able to chat with you about the things you love about TAB, but also some of the things that we could do to make your experience with us an even more enjoyable one. So if you see me about, please don't be shy! 

I hope to see some of you very soon,