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TAB Staff Vacancies-Children Service

We are currently looking for support staff across all our Childrens Services.

Hand Sanitiser Update - Vehicle Fires Warning

This quick share is to alert all colleagues to the potential fire risk in vehicles, caused by alcohol-based hand sanitiser. We have received a number of reports of hand sanitiser being the cause of fires when left in vehicles in the hot weather the UK is currently experiencing.

TAB Alternative Service Schedule

As promised in our last post please see our new Take a Break Warwickshire Ltd Alternative Service Schedule, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any more information!

Children & Adult Service Update May 2020

Hi everyone, we hope you are all keeping safe and well! We have put together a service up-date to share with you what we have been doing over the last few weeks. If you need any information or support with how to access the activities included in our Alternate Service Schedule, please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 02476 644909 or your usual Care Co-Ordinator

Corona Virus update Feb 2020

Following an update from Public Health England please see the recommended guidance for the prevention and management of Novel coronavirus (COVID 19)

The focus remains on preventing the spread of the disease, this can be completed by promoting good hygiene with both the customers we are supporting and the staffing team.

As always, if you have symptoms of a cold or flu, then there are measures you can take to stop germs:

Introducing Jack, our new Activity Leader at CHESS Saturday Club!

I'm sure a lot of you know Jack as he has been working with the children at CHESS for 3 years, we are all really happy to welcome him into his new role.

"I'm excited to see where this role takes me, and what I can achieve for our amazing customers alongside Tierney and all of our colleagues!" Jack Barker, Activity Leader

Tierney starting her role as Nuneaton and Bedworth Children’s Service Care Co-Ordinator

Hi there, I’m Tierney! A lot of you will know me from working across both the Adult’s and Children’s services at TABLO, Keresley and CHESS Playschemes and both Saturday Clubs. I have recently been successful in my application for the role of Nuneaton and Bedworth Children’s Service Care Co-Ordinator and am so excited to share this news with you all!

2019-2020 Service Planners

Our 2019-2020 Service Planners are now available to view and download.

Rate Increase and Transport Changes

On the 10th June 2019, we notified all customers of an increase of our service rate to £15.90 per hour.  The new service rate and transport changes will be implemented from the 8th July 2019 and are detailed in the letter below.

Adult services TABLO activity review

We are currently in the process of reviewing the TABLO activity plan in preparation for up-dating our Adult Service brochures for 2019. 

Please use the form below to let us know your views, thoughts and wishes – if you need any support with this then just let us know!

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